What do I need to do when entering Sweden? 

Ukrainian citizens with or without a biometric passport have the right to enter and stay in Sweden for up to 90 days. 

According to the EU Temporary Protection Directive, anyone arriving in Sweden from Ukraine can get immediate protection and a temporary residence permit.  

Ukrainian citizens also have the opportunity to apply for asylum in Sweden. To do this, you can state to the border police that you are applying for asylum when entering Sweden or, if you are already in the country, you can go to a Migration Agency and apply for asylum there. 

What support can I get if I am a person living with diabetes? 

When applying for asylum either at the border or at the Migration Agency, inform about your diabetes and your need for insulin, other medications and technical aid. The Swedish Migration Agency will offer you accommodation and you will be provided with the LMA card by the Swedish Migration Board. With your LMA card, you will be able to have access to a health centre where a doctor will give you the necessary prescriptions to get insulin at pharmacies

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