Do I need any document to enter the country?

People arriving from Ukraine can enter Romania with any identity document (passport, national identity card or birth certificate). Those who do not have any document, can enter Romania by following the procedure for asylum application at the border.

Find more information here about the steps to obtain asylum in Romania. 

What support can I get when I enter the country?

If you need help, during your stay in Romania, you can receive accomodation, food and free medical services. 

What support can I get if I am a person living with diabetes? 

Primary care, treatment, and emergency hospital care are free in cases of acute or chronic life-threatening diseases for citizens seeking asylum in Romania.

If you are a person living with diabetes you are entitled to free medical care and have access to free medications and supplies after seeing a diabetes specialist in Romania. You will be included in the National Diabetes Programme based on the identity document presented at the border and irrespectively of your asylum status. You will then have the same rights as Romanian citizens to access national programmes for diabetes and other chronic diseases. 

Find more information here about access to medical services in Romania. 

Useful Links

Website of the Romanian Government

General support for refugees

Support and information platform for Ukrainian refugees

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) tables of equivalence between medicines registered in Ukraine and those available in other countries

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(+4) 021.9590 (available 24/7 in Ukrainian language)
(+4) 021.410.75.13

General support for refugees
0800 360880 (Romanian)
0800 801489 (Ukrainian)

Emergency service number

Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases (Federatia Romana de Diabet Nutritie si Boli Metabolice)
The Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases offers medical consultations, insulin, diabetes medications and related supplies to Ukrainian refugees living with diabetes in Romania.

Download the document below to find more information about entering and receiving support in Romania.