Do I need any document to enter the country? 

Anyone arriving to Poland from Ukraine is allowed to enter the country preferably with valid travel documents. The absence of documents will not represent an obstacle to entering the Polish territory. When crossing the border, after receiving a stamp, you should go to a reception point where you will be officially registered.  

What support can I get when I enter the country?

After entering Poland and registering, you will then receive temporary accommodation, food, drink, access to public transports, and medical care for free. If you do not/did not register immediately on arrival, you can do it at any time in 27 different locations around the country. 

What support can I get if I am a person living with diabetes? 

During your stay in Poland, you will have access to the same healthcare services as Polish citizens, regardless of whether you have any health insurance. You will thus receive free medical care in public health facilities and the reimbursements of medications. Several volunteers and NGOs are active across the country to provide extra financial support for buying medications. 

The Polish Diabetes Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Diabetyków) is launching 100 help points for Ukrainian refugees living with diabetes who fled their countries due to the war.

This campaign is implemented with the support of Medtronic.

The scope of the assistance provided is:

  • Financial support with the supply of basic medicines for the treatment of diabetes;
  • Financial support in cases of special diets;
  • Support in obtaining information about diabetes treatment in Poland.

Who can receive assistance:
People living with all types of diabetes who fled Ukraine as a result of the war and who need emergency assistance to ensure continuity of treatment.

Aid points will be established by the branches of the Polish Diabetes Association participating in the initiative which will report to the association’s Main Board. At each point, help and necessary information will be provided by association’s activists.

Please share this information to make sure that it reaches as many people in need of support as possible.

Visit the website of the Polish Diabetes Association here to find the list of locations providing assistance (expanded and updated as new aid points are established).

Requesting assistance with medicines and medical supplies in Ukraine 

To request assistance with medicines and medical supplies in Ukraine, individuals and healthcare institutions can contact the dedicated email address of the Polish Ministry of Health: 

Useful links

Provincial information points and helplines

Up-to-date government information on procedures for granting international protection to Ukrainian citizens 

Information and frequently asked questions regarding access to medical treatments, doctors, and hospitals (in Ukrainian and Polish)

Contact platform of Polish the Ministry of Health (in Ukrainian)

Medical emergencies  

Glucometers’ conversion table mg/dl to mmol/l

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) tables of equivalence between medicines registered in Ukraine and those available in other countries

Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine and entering the EU

Information on free travel options offered by European transport companies


Please note that all the helplines listed below are free of charge.

Helpline for Ukrainian refugees in Poland (in Ukrainian)
+48 47 721 75 75  

National Health Fund Helpline (available 24/7 in Polish and Ukrainian)
800 190 590

Municipal Contact Center (in Ukrainian)
19 115  

General helpline number

Polish Diabetes Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Diabetykow)
+48 22 668 47 19 (in Polish and English)
Facebook page