What do I need to do when entering Luxembourg?

When arriving in Luxembourg, Ukrainian refugees should report to the emergency reception centre open 24/7 and located at the SHUK (Structured hébergement d’urgence Kirchberg), 11, rue Carlo Hemmer in Luxembourg-City. The centre will provide shelter during the first couple of days, as well as food and items of primary necessity, if you wish to request temporary protection in Luxembourg, but also if you intend to continue onwards to another European country. 

Whether you make use of the accommodations provided by the government, or stay in a private household, you need to contact the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs by e-mail (immigration.desk@mae.etat.lu) and submit your application for temporary protection through the form available at this link: https://maee.gouvernement.lu/en/services-aux-citoyens/accueil-de-personnes-ukraine.html  

What support can I get if I am a person living with diabetes?  

After receiving the temporary protection certificate, you will be automatically affiliated to health insurance and healthcare in Luxembourg, which will allow you to consult a general practitioner, dentist, or other healthcare providers. 

If you are a person living with diabetes, upon consultation with a general practitioner, you will receive a prescription for diabetes treatment, or you will be referred to the appropriate specialised care, if necessary. Diabetes medications and supplies can be purchased at pharmacies with a prescription. 

Useful links and contacts

Information about the Temporary Protection status in Luxembourg for people who have fled Ukraine 

Temporary Protection application form (available in French, English, Ukrainian and Russian)

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs 
+352 247-84040 

Consular assistance of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
+352 2478 2386 

European Migration Network

Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) tables of equivalence between medicines registered in Ukraine and those available in other countries

Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine and entering the EU

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Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabète – Maison du Diabète (Luxembourg Diabetes Association)
Contact persons: Sylvie Paquet and Martine Tavernier
+352 48 53 61